Why We Blog.

We can use our blog in a variety of ways!
We can share resources and access online learning activities.
Students can share their work and learning.
Blogs provide one more way to communicate with parents.
We can collaborate with educators and students from around the world to extend the walls of our classroom.
What are the benefits of blogging?
Students have an authentic audience for their writing which positively impacts the quality of their work.
Students revisit and reflect upon the lessons when they read the posts on the blog. The learning doesn’t stop when the chapter or unit ends – commenting keeps the learning alive.
Students learn keyboarding skills, how to navigate around the Internet, and how to present digital information in a variety of ways.
Teachers from different states, countries, and continents are able to collaborate on different projects so students are given authentic opportunities to learn about different regions of the world and different cultures.
Blogging in the classroom and at home provides motivation, excitement and fun!!

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