4 thoughts on “Inquiry

  1. Dear year 34
    Abby and I enjoyed this video very much and I am very exited to go to sovereign hill for camp. My favourite part of the video was the end were this guy set of a fire cracker or something.
    From Matilda and Abby

  2. Dear 3/4
    I really enjoyed watching the video. I can’t wait until we go to Sovereign Hill to see most of it in real life. I especially want to see all the old fashion dresses and suits. I learnt that they got their messages by poster, and I can’t wait to make one of my own.
    From Lauren

  3. Dear 3/4,
    I love the Sovereign Hill video.
    I liked the clothes that boys and girls wear because the girl’s dress has lovely patterns and cute pictures.
    I can’t wait to go to camp! I can’t wait to see all those beautiful things like gold.

    From Yewon

  4. Dear Mrs. Cosgrave,
    I LOVED are trip to Sovereign hill , and hope that next year comes around soon , because I want to go again! My favourite parts was the gold mine tour at the end of are trip there , and walking down into the red hill mine!
    From Kayla

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