Our Hermit Crabs.

Introducing our new class pets.





We have two new members  of our class, Bobby and Jonny , our hermit crabs.

We have never had Hermit Crabs in the classroom before  so we are learning about the best way to look after them .

Siobhan found out some important information for us to care  for them properly. Here are a few tips  she found.

  • they eat Hermit Crab pellets and for a special treat  they enjoy corn flakes, shredded coconut and apple.
  • because they are tropical creatures, they like to be kept warm- between 26-32 degrees.

Do you know any other facts  about Hermit Crabs ?

Please let us know what you think
We would love you to leave a comment .

Stay tuned for more adventures of Bobby and Jonny .


9 thoughts on “Our Hermit Crabs.

  1. Dear Grade 3/4
    I found out some information about Hermit crabs and here are some tips!
    There are many different types of marine life including hermit crabs. There are around about 15 types of hermit crabs. The Caribbean Hermit crab is commonly kept as a pet. The hermit crab has become very popular as a pet as it is a lot gentler than other crabs. If a child was snapped by a Hermit crabs claw, it wouldn’t cause any pain.
    Other interesting information about the Hermit Crab includes:
    As the Hermit crab grows, the Hermit crabs shell is discarded and a new one grows in its place.
    The Hermit crabs hate loud noises. They can die of fright.
    The Hermit crabs also don’t like it when it is too hot or too cold.
    The hermit crab can only live up to a few months old.
    Hermit Crabs are a very popular, tropical crab that comes in different sizes.

    • Dear Rosie,
      what a wonderful researcher you are ! Thanks for sharing your new found knowledge about our favourite classroom pets.
      It is interesting to see and hear what they get up to when it is quiet in the classroom and they think they are alone.
      Do you think our crabs will move shells ?
      Well done Rosie
      From Mrs Cosgrave

  2. Dear Grade 3/4
    Wow Bobby and Johnny are looking great I am very proud of all the children for looking after the hermit crabs and we hope that the hermit crabs are nice and heathy and I know hermit crabs can only live up to a few months but we hope Bobby and Johnny can live for ever because I know how much the class would love your class pets Bobby and Johnny!
    Love from Anna

  3. Hi year 3/4
    I’ve never had a hermit crab before. It sounds really interesting. I never knew that hermit crabs liked cornflakes. I don’t know any other facts about hermit crabs, but I really like the names of the crabs.

    From Lauren.

  4. Dear Mrs cosgrave
    I LOVE our new class pets!
    Before, when I was in FiJi, I saw and touched hermit crabs and I asked my dad if he can buy a new hermit crabs because they tickle and are cute!!!

    So can I please look after them you know , jobs?

    Please respond
    From Kayla

  5. Hi Grade 34!
    I like this pic about hermit crabs. Also Mrs. Cosgrave can I look after the hermit crabs as my job. I really, really, really want to look after them. I beg you!
    From Yahna

  6. Last year I got 4 hermit crabs. The first hermit crabs I got was on new year in 2013. The first 2 I got had a black shell and a white shell so I named the one with a black shell Pepper and the one with the white shell Salt. After 4 weeks we decided to get 2 more. When I opened the box with the hermit crabs in it one of the hermit crabs with a black shell quickly ran out. It took about 1 minute for the other one with a white shell to come out. So 1 named the one with a black shell Turbo and I called the one with the white shell Slomo.

  7. Dear Mrs. Cosgrave,
    I really, really, really LOVE are class pets, because out of all the classes I’ve been in there’s no animals!!!! Sooooooo that proves your an AWESOME, COOL and FANTASTIC TEACHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    From Kayla

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