Window by Jeannie Baker



Click on the link below  and read  the interview with famous author and illustrator  Jeannie Baker . When you have finished  reading , please write up in your literacy books , five of the most interesting facts you have learnt about Jeannie Baker.

Don’t forget to use FULL sentences.


Chatting with Author and Artist Jeannie Baker


Click on the  picture of Clyde , the Commonwealth Games mascot.

Look around the site and gather information as to why they chose Clyde as their mascot. In your literacy books write down three reasons for the choice.

What mascot would you use if the games were in Melbourne?     Why ?


Listen to the song carefully , ( you may need to watch it twice ),  read the words, then write a comment about what you think the song is about, what it makes you feel and why .

Don’t forget to write proper sentences and edit your work before you submit.


Have a look at this film clip  “Bigger Than Alexander”. What can you Infer?

3 thoughts on “Literacy

  1. Awesome story Mrs . Cosgrave, I think the answer is connections. I think the song is very catchy!
    I should play it every day!
    I also think that the picture of Clyde is cute and funny!

  2. So pleased you liked catching up with the Book Week news on the library blog.
    I have just added your blog as a link on my library blog and will show it to especially the 3/4 classes at our school.
    I have had a look at your blog and you have been doing some really great things with Mrs Cosgrave.

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