News from Our Reporter in the Sun

Hi 3/4 Class & Mrs Cosgrave
We are just about to move into another villa at Sheraton Mirage.  Its very
warm up here.  We swim in the pool every day.  I have visited my favorite
shop in Port Douglas called Wicked – its an ice cream shop and my favorite
ice cream is liquorice.  I hope you all had fun on camp & you found lots
of gold.  PS: we are having a fun time in the sun.


Creation of Adam


The Creation Of Adam by MichaelAngelo. The people under God are the angels.

He has painted the picture on the ceiling in the vatican. He has used very smooth brush strokes. I like this painting because it is very famous. I also like it because it looks like Adam is close to Heaven and God is close to earth.

By Michael




ANZAC Day 2014

On ANZAC day we remember the men and women who fought at Gallipoli , many who lost their lives so we may live in freedom.

There were many stories of bravery but the story of Simpson and His Donkey was extra special.

Have you read  about Simpson ?

What do you think about what he did?  Would you do the same thing ?