First Eucharist

On Sunday the 4th of September we made our First Holy Communion. It was a very special day. Here are a few reflections about the day.
We got to church and I was very excited because it was Father’s Day and my First Communion. My mouth was so sore from all the photos but I didn’t care. We walked into Church and I was so nervous that I had goosebumps. When I went up to get the bread I thought it tasted like cardboard. After Church I got a candle from my Nanna and later on, my family went to get a coffee. I had a great day. I think we all did.
By Alessi

I woke up at 6:25 in the morning really excited because I knew it was the day of My First Holy Communion.
I got dressed as quick as I could because I didn’t want to be late. I jumped in the car with my dad, Logan [My brother], my Nana and my Aunt.
When I walked into the school with my family I got a special necklace put on me that said: Journey To My First Holy Communion.
As everyone walked into the Church I felt really special because it was a day all about me and the other kids making their Communion. As Church went on, and all the prayers and blessings were done, it was time for me to make my First Communion. I stepped out of my seat and received Communion.
After everyone left Church it was time for photos. I’m telling you after all the photos that people took yesterday, my jaw is still hurting from smiling!!!
For brunch my family and I went to Rosco’s@Chevron. It was very delicious! I had the greatest First Holy Communion because your First Holy Communion only happens once.
By Kayla

It was the day, the day of my Communion. I woke up in the morning and I got in my suit, and my shoes. When we were ready, we hopped in the car. When we got there we were waiting at the church, until Rohan came and told us that everyone was under the peppercorn tree that’s why we were late!!! Mrs Cosgrave gave me this necklace that said “ Remembrance of my First Eucharist “. We got a couple of pictures until we had to go to the church (again)!!!! I had to wait a while before they put my surname name down, that was the same with Henry. When Monsignor called us to receive the bread I went last. The bread tastes good.

Our First Communion

Book Week


My Two Blankets

What did they miss most?
• What was really strange?
• Were there different ways of doing things in this new environment?
• If they were arriving from another country, how did English sound to them?
• How did they feel when they had to be in a classroom where everyone spoke a different language?
• When they couldn’t understand what was being said on TV/Radio?
• When they couldn’t understand ads or billboards?
• When they were given or offered strange food which looked or tasted weird or maybe even awful?
• Did they have a special food which made them feel ‘at home’?
• How did they feel when people laughed at them when they made mistakes?
• What did they do if they felt homesick, but knew that they had to stay?
• How did they make their first friends?

News from America

Dear grade 34 and teachers,
how are you going?
I’ve been having FUN so much that I’m not having time to email you.
THE WORLD!!! I had so much fun!!!

How are you going?
what are you learning at the moment?
Are you doing any thing special?

From Kayla