Brain Teasers

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Please have a go and tell us why you think your answer is correct

I can’t go right,
I can’t go left.

I’m forever stuck going only up and down.

What am I?









My daughter has as many sisters as she has brothers. Each of her brothers has twice as many sisters as brothers. How many sons and daughters do I have?




Passing Second Place

If you are running in a race and pass the person in second place, what position are you in?




You see me quite often,
But don’t really care.
If you pass by me,
You’ll often stop and stare.

I can’t speak or see,
But don’t think me uncouth,
Because no matter what,
I always tell the truth.

What am I?

8 thoughts on “Brain Teasers

  1. Dear Mrs Cosgrave and year 3/4

    I have worked out my answer if you past the person in second place you will be in second place

    From Emma

  2. Dear grade 3/4 and Mrs Cosgrave,
    I have worked it out, the answer is 2nd place. I am agreeing with Rosie, Leah and Emma.

  3. Dear 3/4 the answer is a bit tricky. One answer could be that the mum has 4 daughters and 3 sons. Each brother has 2 brothers and 4 sisters which is twice the amount of brothers to sisters. The one daughter has the same amount of brothers and sisters which is 3 of each. Love Leah

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