6 thoughts on “Love Your Neighbour

  1. Dear Mrs Cosgrave,
    i really enjoyed the video and how she helped her children and other children and people and herself and she learnt new skills and tricks and also showed other people them.

    your sincerely friend Alessi

  2. Dear Mrs Cosgrave,
    That was a great video. I like the way that she helped all the kids and learnt new skills. I can be a better Samaritan by being friendly and helping people when I can.

    From Cian

  3. Hi Mrs Cosgrave,
    I think we can be a good samraritan by helping others,caring for others and looking out for them.
    From Kylah

  4. I thought the movie was friendly because of all the things we do for them and I can tell we’re helping them a lot

    From Oscar

  5. Hi Mrs Cosgrave
    I like how that lady cares for her kids.I was shocked.she managed to take care of her kids in
    such a hard time.I like it and I hope everybody
    cares for their neighbours.

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