An Unexpected Christmas

How is this story different to any other Christmas story you have heard?
What did you like about this story?
Whos’ point of view was the story told from ?
What message does it tell us ?

4 thoughts on “An Unexpected Christmas

  1. I love the the unexpected christmas and when god was born because it is really funny.It is also kind of cute Whoever got this idea their idea is really good using kids as characters.

  2. Dear Miss Cosgrave
    this little video is charming because the kids are showing what would it be like in heaven and what happened then. this video made me laugh and interested.

    • Hello Harshmeet,
      I hope you have had a lovely holiday. What have you been doing ?
      I really love the video also. Are you looking forward to coming back to school?
      Mrs Cosgrave

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