Book Week


My Two Blankets

What did they miss most?
• What was really strange?
• Were there different ways of doing things in this new environment?
• If they were arriving from another country, how did English sound to them?
• How did they feel when they had to be in a classroom where everyone spoke a different language?
• When they couldn’t understand what was being said on TV/Radio?
• When they couldn’t understand ads or billboards?
• When they were given or offered strange food which looked or tasted weird or maybe even awful?
• Did they have a special food which made them feel ‘at home’?
• How did they feel when people laughed at them when they made mistakes?
• What did they do if they felt homesick, but knew that they had to stay?
• How did they make their first friends?

4 thoughts on “Book Week

  1. Dear Mrs. Cosgrave!
    These are the answers for the questions on My Two Blankets
    1. The girl missed her old home the most
    2. All the words were different and felt like a cold and lonely waterfall
    3. They used lots of things like trains and cars, there is more food and shops and places you can visit
    4. I think English would sound like weird sounds and makes you feel lost and different
    5. She felt left out and was lonely, she must of had an feeling that made her want to go home where she knew everything they said. I also think she felt strange and had a different side.
    6. It might feel strange to hear words after words going out of a radio and it might be something important.
    7. If she couldn’t understand adds or billboards she might miss out on fun parades or something new and that everyone else has. It might be tricky to read weird looking letters that she does not understand. She could be allergic to something in the shop but she would not be able to read.
    8. The food must of tasted strange because in her country they might have different types of food, she might not like the taste. It would be weird and exciting to try something you have never had before
    9. If she did have a special food I did not see it so I can not answer the question.
    10. I think she felt sad and embarrassed when people laughed at her. She felt silly and wanted to cry.
    11. I think she felt upset and had a grumpy feeling when she knew she could not go home.
    12. I think she made her first friends by smiling or waving or even saying a simple Hi. I think the girl she met at the park was really nice
    From Yahna!

  2. Dear Mrs Cosgrave,
    1.I think they would have missed there home and normal culture
    2.I think that the new language seemed really strange to them.
    3.The new place was a massive new city and if you compared it to there old little nice town a lot of things would be different like transportation, food and homes.
    4.In the book it says it sounded like a clod waterfall so it would be exactly like that. It would feel strange and just really cold.
    5.It would have made her fell left out and almost like she couldn’t talk at all and couldn’t her feelings.
    6. If you were listening to the radio you would just want to get out of there because you always want to know what’s being said and if you don’t you just get frustrated.
    7.Again you would just get frustrated and want to go home. Who knows what you could be missing.
    8. If you were given new food you could be really both exited and scared because you don’t know what’s in it you can’t say your allergies but also exited because you never know it could be nice.
    9. If you did have your own food you would feel alittle better and alittle more at home but still under a cold waterfall.
    10. She would have felt alittle embarrassed, silly, nervous and exited.
    11. They would have felt alittle cross very upset and then just stop and try to imagine having friend and a new culture.
    12. They first met there first friend at the park. The girl from the other country felt scared, but came back and then she started to learn the language and was able to communicate and have fun. They were really nice and good friends.
    From Lauren

  3. Dear Mrs Cosgrave
    1 They probably missed all their friends and Cartwheel probably missed her grandma calling her Cartwheel.
    2 The most strangest thing that happened was probably English and all the cold words.
    3 Yes because they came from a different world and life.
    4 It might of had sounded strange and weird.
    5 Insecure worried scared and felt like you were going to cry.
    6 They might of had just heard strange noises and didn’t know what was going on.
    7 They might have been picking up information and clues from the pictures like the expression on the peoples faces and what was in their hands.
    8 They might of had a go but had the winky face as if they might of had something sour or to sweet.
    9 Cartwheels grandma probably had some special food from their country but if they ran out she might of had spare ingredients or the might of had no choice but to eat Australian food.
    10 She might of had been so embarrassed scared anxious silly and a fool.
    11 They might of felt upset but knew they had to be strong.
    12 Cartwheel went to the park with her grandma and saw a little girl who each day brought words they practised together and they became friends.

  4. Dear Mrs Cosgrave
    1. They missed their home.
    2. The people and the language felt strange.
    3 Yes it was different to their country.
    4. English sounded very strange to them.
    5. She probably felt left out and lonely.
    6. They probably felt very silly that they couldn’t understand the language on the radio and TV.
    7. They probably felt sad that they couldn’t understand the language.
    8. The food was different and not what they were used to at home.
    9. No they didn’t show us in the book.
    10. I think they felt sad and silly when they made mistakes.
    11. I think she felt awful that she had to stay and couldn’t go back home.
    12. She made her first friend in the park by waving.
    Love Leah

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