10 thoughts on “Inquiry- Change. Backwards and Forwards

  1. Hi grade 34,
    I looked at old and new and I found out some interesting things. I found out that the kids used to use a thing called a slope in class, to make sure their handwriting was neat and even. I found out that a child that had a watch got the job to ring the bell, every time the classes had to move to a different room for a different lesson. When they were out in the school yard the boys used to play marbles so they could keep more marbles. I also found out that kids now are the same as the kids from then. Some kids from now and then like school and kids from now and then don’t like school. I think a lot of things have changed.

  2. To year 3/4
    I didn’t like the part when they went to the boarding school.They met there parents once a year thats what I didn’t like. from Zanir

  3. Hi 3/4
    I really enjoyed looking about how things change. I liked looking at all the pictures because it showed what they used back then. All the videos I watched on this were really exciting because they gave me information. from Athena:)

  4. Dear grade 3/4

    I really enjoyed this website and I learnt that they are very different to us in school, transport and even at home. I really like it and I hope you do too.

    from Lauren

  5. Hi grade 3/4

    Here are some things I have learnt, about what has changed in the olden days.
    A man said: At home he and his younger sister would argue about who would do washing and who would dry the clothes. He also said in the olden days transport was very different from transport now, he said it is now more safe. When he was young, his parents moved to another country and he and his younger sister were at boarding school and every school holidays he and his sister would visit. Transport, school and home was very different to now days.
    From Rosie

  6. Dear3/4
    I really liked that website. I learnt a lot about the olden days and now. I know now what the people looked like and how transport worked. I hope you liked that website too

    from Henry

  7. Dear 34

    the olden day videos and I am very excited to go to camp I am pleased to see more next time
    and I have learnt a lot of changes for 1819 and now and if I was in the 1819 as a child I wouldn’t want to be getting hit by a Cain

    From Emma

  8. Dear 3/4
    I think that I have learnt so many things from back then and now it has changed a lot. I loved the videos.
    Love from Jasmine

  9. Dear 3/4
    I loved watching the videos about what it was like in the olden days. I learnt that at school, in the olden days, if you forgot your times tables, you had to sit at lunch time and write the table 20 times. I am looking forward to going to camp and learn more about the olden days.
    By Mahira

  10. Dear 3/4 I really like the website. I learnt a lot about the olden days. I am so excited to go to camp and learn more.
    From Harshmeet

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