4 thoughts on “ANZAC DAY

  1. Hi grade 34
    I had a awesome time and I hope everyone did as well.
    We should remember all those people who gave their lives up for us.
    Wars are terrible and I hope we do not have another one in Australia or around the world.
    just before you get up and go to sleep , pray that there will never be another war.
    From the chatty

  2. Hi Year 3/4 and Mrs. Cosgrave,

    It was so nice to see all the photos again from this wonderful day out.
    It is always good to remember the soldiers who have fought for our country as well as those who are still fighting for us even after ANZAC Day.
    I hope you all have had a great week at school.
    See you soon!

    Miss Rodrigo

  3. Dear Mrs Cosgrave,
    I have learnt all about families in the olden days.
    I remember last year in 1/2 and foundation went to an olden day place and learnt about everything about the olden days. I enjoy learning about history!

    From Kayla

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