13 thoughts on “Oh The Places You’ll Go

  1. Hi 3/4,
    I think this story is about who cares which way you go, as they said “Oh the places you’ll go”!
    I love the book soooooo much! I just think the other part, that you have your feet in your own shoes and you’re the guy who is guiding your footsteps and you just go with the flow, that goes on in your own amazing brain.

    From The Interesting…

  2. Hello grade34 ,
    I think this story is about like the way you can choose whatever you want and you don’t need to listen on somebody else’s way.
    I also like the way that the auther writes about dr Seuss books.
    Dr Seuss makes a lot of new words to make it rhyme.
    There really funny .
    And I love dr Seuss books soooo much.

    from Yewon

  3. Hi Grade 3/4
    I think that you should always be careful where you go because like this book tells you, bad things could happen, you could end up alone, you could end up lost and nowhere to go. You could be waiting forever but in the end you could find your way home.

    From Leah

  4. Hi grade 3/4
    I think that this book is about how many places you can choose from. And that they are all different. I like the way that the auther used lots of rhymes with his words
    I enjoyed the book!
    From Athena:)

  5. Dear Grade 3/4
    I love this book so much that I wish there was more!
    I think Dr Seuss is telling us it doesn’t matter which way you go. You could go somewhere that is either high or low. But sometimes bad things happen… but you’re learning through life’s lessons. Also its life’s journey that makes you very learney. Lessons to help you move forward, left, right, up and down. Just like what Dr Seuss said “You’ll be going out of town”. “And you can move mountains!” Wherever you go you might be able to find gold coins in a fountain. Dr Seuss is basically teaching us life’s lessons, no messin’ life’s a blessing’

    From Rosie!

  6. Hi Grade 3 4!
    I saw the video “Oh the places you’ll go”, I like how the story says It doesn’t matter where you are but you will always find your way back to your home. I think the story is trying to say if all your friends want to go left but you think right is way better “Then who cares where your friends go and go to the place which is just right for you”. I think the story is also saying, you have your feet in your own shoes, your eyes looking at the right direction, your ears listening to screams, your nose sniffing danger and your hands to help you punch angry sea monsters. So no matter if it takes 100 years you will always find your way back to your GLORIOUS ! home.
    From the AMAZING

  7. Dear grade 3/4 and Mrs. Cosgrave,
    I think the book gives you message and that message is that you can lead your dreams as big as can be and can lead your imagination as far as you want and can lead your footsteps where you want to go as we say no one is nothing like you , except YOU!

    By the way I am in LOVE with the Dr. Seuss books!!!!

    From the amazing

  8. Hi grade 3/4,
    i’m just adding a new comment so here it is.
    you choose whatever way you want but if anyone says to you go this way and go that way don’t listen to them but if you want to follow them you can.
    If you never ever give up you will soon take the lead.
    and you will carry the moutains with you to your home.

    From the hilarious

  9. hi 3/4,
    I think that book is so cool because the boy go’s to different places that’s why I love that book.

    from RIANA

  10. Hi grade 3/4 and teachers
    I enjoyed the part in the book about sometimes you will win and sometimes you won’t – I think that’s true in life.
    I also liked the way the book rhymed and the adventures that were in the book.
    Lauren 🙂

  11. I liked the book because the pictures were interesting. The pictures had nice patterns. I also like the interesting way the author describes life situations.

  12. Dear year34

    I Love the video i Think It was brilliant i Think the pictures threre was interesting and i really enjoyed the riddles and i Would like to see other things You do.

    From Emma

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