“Food For Life “

Caritas Australia works with all people to enable them to learn more about poverty, with the aim of inspiring people to “be more” and serve the poorest in our world.
During Lent ,we especially remember those who are less fortunate than us.
Have a look at the video with mum or dad and have a chat about how lucky we are .

11 thoughts on ““Food For Life “

  1. Hi grade 34,
    I watched the movie ‘Food For Life’ I like how our school supports caritas. I learnt how some people in Fiji aren’t as lucky as people like you and me. I think people in Fiji have harder life’s then me. Eric and Ma have 6 kids and they get about 1.57 a day. That about 7 dollar’s a week. Eric and Ma live on a farm with cabbage, Okara plants, Taro plants, chickens, and a horse called Shampoo. Tutu also works with caritas and they try to help people like Eric and Ma. Together at St. Aloysius I bet we can help caritas and tutu help people like Eric and Ma.
    Come on1 Help out
    From Yahna 🙂

  2. I have heard of this food for life once and Eric and Ma are only getting 1,57 per day and the tutu people have helped them heaps! So pick out your change and donate and help people just like Eric and Ma
    From Matilda

  3. Hi grade 34
    Isn’t it great that the school has it’s own garden club and teaches us how to grow our own vegetables to lead healthier lives, just like Eric and Ma. The chickens at the school also produce eggs which are full of nutrients. Let’s all grow our own fruit and vegetables at home to have healthier lives. Leah

  4. How wonderful that Eric and Ma have learnt to grow their own nutritious food. My uncle also does this in his garden and sometimes shares the vegetables with us. They taste so much nicer than the food we buy at the supermarket. I hope one day I too can learn to grow vegetables and fruit in my garden.

  5. Hi grade3/4
    The video really shows that some people really a aren’t as fortunate as us, and its great were supporting them.

  6. Dear 3/4,
    My mum was crying,because she thought that it was amazing they appreciated everything they learnt in the coarse.
    My mum’s friend Katrina asked me all the questions about Fiji and I answered them correctly because I was on a holiday there last year.
    We went to a village similar to the movie,
    I really really enjoyed it.

  7. Hi grade 3/4
    The video showed that Eric and Ma were really nice people and smart. They grow their own food which they use to feed their themselves and their 6 children. They also sell some food to earn extra money for their family. RIANA:)

  8. It is really great that Eric and Ma worked really hard on their planting so they got their own chiken and they can get some eggs and sell them for the other family.It is also fair for the other community because they will get healthier and healthier.

    We are lucky that we can go to the shops easily and we can buy a lot of healthy food.

    From Yewon

  9. Dear 3/4
    Greetings! The people in Fiji are different to the Australians. People that live on islands are far away from markets and shops, it shows us Australians that Cartias has proved that it has helped the people in Fiji such as Ma and Eric through education it has helped them to learn, how to grow healthy foods to farm and sell things for other people and to make money out of what they make. Shampoo the horse is very helpful for carrying heavy things, the chickens are helpful for laying eggs so Ma and Eric can eat them and sell them.

    From Rosie

  10. dear 3/4,
    Wow the Fiji people are very different to Australia. The Fiji people are especially interesting with their food chain and the food they have to grow. Ma and Eric are a big help with how they grow and teach other people how to grow food. They also have chickens and a horse so that the horse can eat the weeds and they also sell their eggs to the public.


  11. Hello,
    I watched this movie clip with mum and dad.
    Food is very important in the life for all the people and their family.
    In this video Ema and Eric shows how hard their life is in Fiji. They are cooking anything but slowly understand about the new skills to growing crops and get the nutrition from the vegetables.
    I think we are lucky to have good food

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