Welcome to Our Learning Adventures for 2015

year 3 4

Hello to all our overseas visitors and mums and dads . We are a 3 /4 class that loves to learn. Please join us on our learning journey throughout the year.
Please feel free to ask questions or add comments to all of our posts.

10 thoughts on “Welcome to Our Learning Adventures for 2015

  1. Hi grade 34
    I really love that photo.I am really enjoying the first few weeks so I know I am going to have lots of fun!!!


  2. Hi grade 34!
    I think our blog is the best one I have ever seen. I know we have the most absolute best teacher in the world. I can’t wait to have heaps of fun with you this term.
    You guys are AWESOME!!!
    from Yahna:)

  3. Dear Year 3/4
    What an awesome start to the year we have had. I really like this picture, I know we are going to have loads of fun!

    Your Classmate


  4. Dear Mrs Cosgrave and Grade 3/4,
    Thank you very much for visiting our blog. We are very excited about sharing all the wonderful things we do. We love your class blog and we hope you love visiting our blog. We are going to have another pet. What do you think we should pick? Let us know what you think.

    Love from the Preps and Mrs Mitchell

  5. Hi 3/4!
    I am really missing you guys right now.
    How was your first day back at school?
    I am still on school holidays. It is not the same without you all : (
    Can you say hello to Miss Liz for me?
    Love from Matilda

  6. Dear Matilda,
    lm’ missing you too Matilda! How is your new school? Even if everyone is your friend from your best school, are you making new friends there? Because your new school looks really cool! But I wish you would come back to your old school .

    Love from the funny Yewon!

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