14 thoughts on “Welcome to Term 4!

  1. hi year 34,
    I really liked the video and thought it was about the life cycle and nature. I also liked how they have used origami to show the video.
    From Lauren

  2. Hello 3/4 & Miss Cosgrave,

    I think this is a Stop Motion about Plants & Animals, this is about Animals that need leaves or shelter. Some of those Animals have to plant more trees so they don’t run out of food.
    And its a pretty good Stop Motion.

    from Daniel

  3. Dear34,
    I think it is awesome how the movement is done and also the trees changing colour. I like the clip because it tells us about lifecycle.
    From Dominik

  4. Dear grade 34,
    I think that this video is about life cycle and nature, I think it is about life cycle because it goes on and on. I think it is also about nature because this would happen in real life.

  5. Hi grade34,
    I think the story is about how an acorn grows into a tree because the acorn falls off the tree and gets buried. It starts off small than gets bigger and bigger every day. Until it turns into a tree.
    From Michael

  6. Hi, I think this video is about the tree’s life cycle. It starts of as an acorn. Then it grows into a beautiful, colourful tree. Then the tree dies and an acorn falls down. Then it gets buried and grows all over again.

  7. Dear grade 3/4 and Mrs Cosgrave
    I like how they used origami for the video and I like how they used stop motion. I think the video is about nature and life cycle. I really enjoyed the video.
    From your classmate

  8. Hello grade34,
    I think that video is interesting. I found out the Video is about growth. It is also a lifecycle of a tree. It started as a seed but grew into a tree.
    From Rohan.

  9. Hi year 34
    I liked the video.
    I think the video is about lifecycle because the acorn falls out of the tree then it get buried. Then the seasons change and the tree dies and an acorn falls off the tree. Then the acorn gets buried again and grows into a tree. And it goes over and over again.
    from Siobhan

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