Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso is a famous artist. He was born in 1881 and died in 1973. He painted lots of pictures, like El Bobo which was painted in 1959 in Spain.

Pablo Picasso. El Bobo.
Picasso started a new technique, cubism. Cubism is when you paint different parts of an object separately and puts them back together. For example Marie Therese Walter was painted using cubism (shown below).
Marie-Therese Walter
My favourite painting by Picasso is El Bobo (shown at top) because he looks hilarious and weird and Pablo did use cubism in it.Pablo’s mum says Picasso’s first words were “piz, piz”, which is short for lapiz and Spanish for ‘pencil’. If you want to see more Pablo paintings, google Self portrait, Old guitarist, Three musicians, Still life with guitar, Mary Therese Walter, and The doves. You might think his paintings are weird and ugly. Well, they are close to the most expensive things in the world! If you want to make your own Picasso-based painting visit

5 thoughts on “Pablo Picasso

  1. Dear Lucy
    great job for posting the picture in to the blog and great job for telling us why you like the picture. I really liked the picture because it reminded me of going to the beach and I love the beach. Lucy , do you like the beach ?
    from Emma

  2. Dear Kieren
    I think Pablo did a great job with his paintings you’ve shown, I like El Bobo, because El Bobo looks very imaginative and amazing. You also did very well with this post. Well done Kieren!
    From Rosie

  3. Dear Kieren,
    I think Pablo Piccaso made many lot’s of great art and I think its a great art because it looks so real and this pictures are funny because his cooking a egg.
    It’s great Kieren.
    From Joshua

  4. Dear Kieren,
    I really like your picture because he’s painted the picture with swirly lines. I also like this picture because the backgound has trees and a house. Amazing work Kieren.
    From Michael

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