The Pioneer Federick McCubbin

I like the way Federick painted this picture, because it is divided into 3 parts and turns out to be a no word story. His paintings are messy first but then turn out to be kind of realistic like the grass turned out to be very realistic.. This art piece is also well known. This picture is set on the countryside.

By Rohan

4 thoughts on “The Pioneer Federick McCubbin

  1. Dear Rohan,
    I really like how the picture is in the forest. I also like how it has 3 parts in the painting. Great work Rohan.
    from Michael

  2. Dear Rohan,
    I like the picture you have chosen and I also think that the words you wrote were great to I like the way the picture is divided in three and tells a story of whats happening on the countryside. Great job Rohan
    From Rosie

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