Sidney Nolan – The trail

Sidney Nolan, one of the most famous Australian artists, uses a modern square technique. He used different materials for making his art like paper and canvas.

This painting shows the courthouse where Ned Kelly was sentenced to death by Judge Barry.

Ned Kelly tells the Judge that soon when he dies he will meet with the Judge.

Sadly two weeks later the Judge died.

The courthouse is in St Kilda. You can see the port through the window. The red and white floor was in a house where Sidney Nolan was once.

I like this painting because, it shows a very special moment of Australian’s history.


by Domi






4 thoughts on “Sidney Nolan – The trail

  1. Hi 3/4
    I liked Domi’s painting by Sidney Nolan. I liked the way the Judge is dressed and the checked carpet. I like Ned Kelly’s costume.
    from Michael

  2. Dear Domi
    I like your art because it’s colourful and great.
    I didn’t know about Sydney Nolan but I know who he is now .
    It’s great art domi
    From Joshua

  3. Dear Domi
    I didn’t know who Sydney Nolan was but now I do.
    I like what the Judge and Ned Kelly is wearing. I also think you have chosen something really good. The information tells us a lot of information. Good job Domi
    From Rosie

  4. Dear Domi
    I don’t know anything about Sidney Nolan but you have chosen something really interesting and it tells us information about it, I also like the detail in the picture.
    From Daniel

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