Jeffrey Smart Cahill Expressway

Jeffrey Smart uses a smooth painting style.

He makes mostly crafted paintings.

Quick fact: he worked as an Art teacher in  Adelaide then moved to Arezzo, Italy to live

I like this work because it is detailed and it has a good mix of colours
By Siobhan

2 thoughts on “Jeffrey Smart Cahill Expressway

  1. Hi Siobhan,
    I like the Cahill Expressway because I like how it go’s
    completely dark where the tunnel is and also how the colours mix swell. I know that Jeffery Smart was
    born in Adelaide and worked there as a art teacher.
    From Lauren

  2. Dear Siobhan
    I like the artist you have chosen as well as the picture. I think I know why Jeffery Smart’s last name is Smart: because he is very Smart with his art. Well done Siobhan
    From Rosie

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