Creation of Adam


The Creation Of Adam by MichaelAngelo. The people under God are the angels.

He has painted the picture on the ceiling in the vatican. He has used very smooth brush strokes. I like this painting because it is very famous. I also like it because it looks like Adam is close to Heaven and God is close to earth.

By Michael




4 thoughts on “Creation of Adam

  1. Dear Michael,
    I like the painting because it looks very famous and amazing. I also like the painting because it shows a great moment in history. I like the way that the painting looks like its real and not just a cartoon painting.
    From Domi

  2. Dear Michael,
    I like the picture you have chosen I also love the artist Michael Angelo, and I think I know why you’ve chosen this artist. I love the way Michael has done this picture.
    Great job Michael.
    From Rosie

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