Our Trip To The City

We had a wonderful day visiting the galleries. Our inquiry unit at the moment “Express Yourself ” is all about how people express how they feel , or share messages through art.

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9 thoughts on “Our Trip To The City

  1. Hello grade34,
    It was a fabulous day at the art gallery. The second gallery was my favourite one because we had a lot of fun touching the water wall. I also liked the flying bear that Remy thoughts he could could catch. I was very happy, excited and very tired at the end.
    By Rohan Lim

  2. Hi grade34 and Mrs Cosgrave.
    We had a fantastic day at the art gallery.
    We looked at the lots of great arts and we listened to stories about the arts.
    By Joshua

  3. Hi Classmates
    The Art Gallery was awesome! I loved touching the water wall, I thought it was in the glass but no I was wrong, I thought the artists who draw the painting are fabulous. I liked when the girls were being Circe, turning all the boys into pigs! I thought to my self it would of taken the artists ages! The Art Gallery was amazing!
    From your classmate

  4. Dear 34

    We had a lovely time at the art gallery when we saw all the lovely paintings. We all had a very fun time

    From Remy

  5. Hello year 34
    I loved going to the art gallery. I liked the area where we could draw with parts of your body. I also enjoyed putting my hand on the water wall

    from Siobhan:):)

  6. Hi grade 3/4 and Mrs Cosgrave,
    I really enjoyed seeing all the fun things you did in the city. It sounded like you had a whole lot of fun things you did and enjoyed doing them. It would have been lots of fun to pretend to be a artist.
    From Lauren.

  7. Dear 3/4

    I realy had fun at the art gallery and also looking around at cool buildings in the city. Our trip was by a tram and I realy liked going on it.
    By Domi

  8. Hi Mrs Cosgrave and 3/4. I Loved our excursion to the Art Gallery! I learnt lots of things about how artists express themselves. My favourite part was doing the workshop at Federation Square. I had a great time. From your friend Lucy.

  9. Dear34
    I loved our day to the art gallery and I enjoyed having lunch and rolling down the hill it was awesome! THANKYOU miss Cosgrave for taking us to the art gallery. I loved the video it reminded me of the old days.

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