Claude Monet

This is the same scene painted a few times to



The artist I have chosen is Claude Monet. Claude Monet was a French artist who was born in 1840 in Paris, and he died on the 5th of December 1926 in Giverny (France). He was an impressionist artist and he was inspired by nature, Monet was famous for painting the same scene many times in order to capture the changing of light and the changing of season. There is a garden in France called Monet’s Garden which he helped to design, you can still visit the gardens today. The painting I have chosen is the Japanese Bridge which he has painted many times.


By Dara.

Sidney Nolan – The trail

Sidney Nolan, one of the most famous Australian artists, uses a modern square technique. He used different materials for making his art like paper and canvas.

This painting shows the courthouse where Ned Kelly was sentenced to death by Judge Barry.

Ned Kelly tells the Judge that soon when he dies he will meet with the Judge.

Sadly two weeks later the Judge died.

The courthouse is in St Kilda. You can see the port through the window. The red and white floor was in a house where Sidney Nolan was once.

I like this painting because, it shows a very special moment of Australian’s history.


by Domi




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Jeffrey Smart Cahill Expressway

Jeffrey Smart uses a smooth painting style.

He makes mostly crafted paintings.

Quick fact: he worked as an Art teacher in  Adelaide then moved to Arezzo, Italy to live

I like this work because it is detailed and it has a good mix of colours
By Siobhan

Creation of Adam


The Creation Of Adam by MichaelAngelo. The people under God are the angels.

He has painted the picture on the ceiling in the vatican. He has used very smooth brush strokes. I like this painting because it is very famous. I also like it because it looks like Adam is close to Heaven and God is close to earth.

By Michael




Pro Hart Country Race Meeting



One of the techniques  Pro Hart uses is to be quite messy but his paintings turn out to be  beautiful.

I like the Country Race  Meeting because I like to race and I love horses and I think its fun and creative because you can do all sorts of things for the dirt and horses.

Pro Hart throws some of his paint around. Pro Hart also does cannon paintings and uses paint guns for some of his paintings.

By Lauren