8 thoughts on “What a start to Term 3 !

  1. Hello grade 3/4 and Mrs Cosgrave,
    I really enjoyed looking at the newspaper headlines. I showed my sister them and she was amazed!
    From Lauren.

  2. Dear year 3/4 and Mrs Cosgrave
    What an awesome day we had!
    I was impressed with the T-Rex how big it was and how loud it was! The newspaper headlines wanted to make me read more!
    From your class mate

  3. Dear 34
    I loved the newspaper headlines and the photo peach it was very interesting. I loved going to see the dinosaurs
    from Siobhan

  4. Dear grade 34

    We had a very fun time at dinosaurs adventures and when we saw the dinosaurs we loved makeng the doinsaur head lines

    From Remy

  5. Hello grade34
    We had a great time when we went to see Dinosaur Adventures. I learnt lots about dinosaurs.
    From Rohan

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