8 thoughts on “What are they looking at ?

  1. I think a lot of the children are confused, scared and I think that in the picture they look like there trying to say something. I also thought they were in a green house and that something’s exploding.

  2. Dear grade 3/4 and Mrs Cosgrave,
    I think that some of the children are looking at a explosion or something similar to that. In the picture I think there in a greenhouse and they are looking a bit scared and confused.
    From Lauren

  3. Hello year 34 and Ms. Cosgrave,
    I am in Poland and I am having a great time as I hope you are, my family has visited the blog and they have learned lots of wonderful things like about our hermit crabs. My little cousin, Oskar has also learned lots of things as well!
    Miss you all, from Dominik

  4. Hi Domi,
    It’s Kieren could you send s ome photos of Oskar and your family in Poland.

    We are having a wonderful time!

    From Kieren

  5. Dear Kieren,
    I am sorry but I do not know how to send a picture but if you can, can you show me how to do it? Don’t do it if you don’t know how

    Kind regards, from Domi

  6. To Mrs Cosgrave,
    I looked at the funny pic above & I thought they were looking at a loud TNT exploding in a large building. Could you tell me if it’s right?

    From Kieren

  7. Dear grade 3/4 and Mrs Cosgrave
    I think the children are on an excursion at a green house and they looked scared at something thats in or out of the green house, but I manly think that they are surprised at a plant or something.
    From you’re class mate

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