3 thoughts on “Pigeon Impossible

  1. Hi 3/4s & Mrs Cosgrave,
    I am going to use this video with my class because we are working on inferring too! Isn’t it great that we are working on similar things in literacy!
    Maybe one day soon we can have a Skype session and find out what else we have in common?!
    Speak soon
    Miss Poropat 🙂

    • Dear Miss Poropat
      thank you for commenting on our blog . We look forward to meeting your class on SKYPE soon
      From Mrs Cosgrave & year 34

  2. Dear Year 3/4,

    I enjoyed this! I like how they don’t really talk and there’s not a voice telling you what its about
    and you have to figure out what its about.

    Your class mate Rosie 😀

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