Our International Students

We are very lucky in our class because we can learn about many different cultures , FIRST HAND !
In Year 3 4 we share more than 5 different nationalities and family origins.
We are lucky when our friends go back to visit relatives in different countries because we get to have “International Reporters” from all over the world.

Lokesh is our first international reporter from India.

Have a look at this Prezi that Lokesh has made for us , lets hope it is the first of many.
Well done Lokesh !


3 thoughts on “Our International Students

  1. Dear Lokesh,
    Thankyou for your video “My Trip to India”
    I really liked the video! It looked really cool how you travelled

    From Rosie

  2. Dear Lokesh,

    Well done on creating a prezi! How exciting that you have 5 different nationalities represented in your class. I went to India in 2011. I visited Delhi, Agra (where the Taj Mahal is), a few places in Rajasthan, Mumbai and Goa. Which part of India did you visit? I thought the food was amazing! What was your favourite food?

    From Ms Fitzgerald

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