Safer Internet Day 2014



We took part in Safer Internet day with 18,000 other school children from around Victoria.

We learnt how to be safe online.

It was interesting reading what the other children thought about cyber safety.

You can click on the link below to learn more about being cyber smart.

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10 thoughts on “Safer Internet Day 2014

  1. Dear Year 3/4 @ St Aloysius,

    I have had a great time looking around your new class blog. I know your lovely teacher, Mrs C, very well and I think you are going to have a marvelous year with her. The Year 3/4 students at my school are also just starting their blogging journey so perhaps I can get them to look at your blog and they can send you their blog addresses. How exciting that you took part in Safer Internet Day. What were some of the ways you learnt about being more safe on the internet?

    • Dear Ms Fitsgerald,
      thanks for the comment, I already know some cyber-safe tips. If you want, I play games like club penguin which has loads of hints and a quiz! Ok time for the tips. Tip one: Don’t tell others your personal information. Tip 2 even if games look safe be very CAREFULL! Tip 3 treat everyone how YOU want to be treated. Tip 4 be like this when you are on a blog. And finally tip 5 tell parents when you want to go on a social network. I wish I could see your students’ blogs!
      By Kieren

    • Dear Ms. Fitzgerald,
      Thank you for commenting and visiting our blog. You are one of the first people to comment on our blog. We really are looking forward for your class looking at our blog.
      from Domi

    • dear Ms Fitzgerald
      I am one of Mrs Cosgrave’s students .Thank-you for commenting on our blog ,this is something that I leant about safer internet- Never give away personal details, and by the way, what grade do you teach ?
      from Siobhan.

  2. Dear Ms Fitzgerald,
    thank you for visiting our class blog one thing I learnt is that you never give away personnel information.

    From Remy

  3. Dear Ms Fitzgerald,
    Thankyou for looking at our class blog.
    We love it when we get visitors on our blog.
    Safer Internet Day was great we learnt so much.
    Here are 1 of our rules for Safer Internet Day, Don’t say any personal information to people you don’t know. I hope you’re having a great time at your school. I hope you can come visit one day. I hope you’re looking forward to getting married!
    From Rosie

  4. Dear Ms Fitzgerald,

    Thankyou for visiting our blog.We learnt a lot about being cyber smart and not to give our personal details. We now know more about the information that we should give to people.
    From Dara

  5. Dear Ms Fitzgerald,
    Thankyou for looking at our blog. We all really enjoyed it. I really enjoyed safer internet day ,this was one way we can be safe on the internet.
    Don’t use any of your personal details like your full name, address or your password.
    How many computers do you have in your school?
    from Lauren

  6. Dear : Ms Fitzgerald

    Thank you very much for looking at our blog. This is something that I learnt – to always shut the computer down
    from Emma

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